Tooth Extractions

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Individuals who suffer from severe tooth decay or trauma may require tooth extraction. Those with advanced gum or periodontal disease may need professional tooth removal. Sometimes the poor location of a tooth inside the mouth can be a factor for tooth removal.

Tooth extraction can be a complicated dental procedure and it takes a trained dental professional to perform the operation effectively. With the help of a trusted clinic such as Sunwest Dental in Surrey, British Columbia, patients can rest assured that the tooth extraction process is simple and effective.

Why Consult With a Dental Clinic for Tooth Removal?

The extraction of a single tooth can lead to problems if it is done incorrectly. An incorrect procedure may affect an individual’s overall dental health, such as causing a patient jaw joint pain and chewing problems.

Dr. Gill and Dr. Rea at Sunwest Dental are available to reduce the risks of incorrect tooth extraction and unnecessary complications. The professional staff at Sunwest Dental provides patients with the information they need to feel at ease during the process. They will also provide detailed instructions on what to do post-surgery.

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