Restorative Dentistry

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Patients who have damaged, missing, or decayed teeth can gain confidence from an improved smile thanks to restorative dentistry.

Restorative Dentistry Procedures

At Sunwest Dental, restorative dentistry covers a wide variety of dental treatments and procedures, including dentures and dental implants for teeth restoration.


Dentures are flexible, easily removable appliances that can replace broken or missing teeth and help restore a beautiful smile. 

There are two types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures — When a patient has healthy teeth on the upper or lower arch, the dentist recommends partial dentures. The dentist attaches partial dentures to existing teeth using a thin metal framework.
  • Complete dentures — These dentures replace all the teeth on the lower or upper arch. These are suitable for patients who have lost all their teeth due to an accident or oral disease.

Our dentists at Sunwest Dental help patients determine whether partial or complete dentures are more suitable. Whatever the case, dentures are the best way to restore missing or broken teeth and give patients a youthful and natural appearance.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an extremely effective treatment for tooth restoration. They consist of a titanium screw, a metal extension, and a porcelain crown.

The implants are fused to the patient’s jaw to replace the tooth and root, which prevents other teeth from shifting into the open space created by the missing tooth. Implants are the closest thing to natural-looking teeth. They restore teeth functionality and allow patients to eat and speak without issue.

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