Kids Dentistry

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It is no secret that for many a visit to the dentist is frightening. And that is adults we are talking about, so imagine how much more frightening it would be for a kid. But that should not be the case and that is what our professional dentists for kids strive to do.
The first visit is always key and our dentists try to make it fun and comfortable for the kid but also to provide important information to both the child and the accompanying adult.

What Happens

For the first visit, the dentist will carry out a general examination which will include fluoride treatment and an X-ray as well as cleaning of the teeth. The parent will also be advised on the best diet for oral health as well as hygiene.
To make the child feel comfortable and be confident, examinations are carried out in an open setting so that kids can learn from others how to behave and not be scared of the procedure.
The first visit is usually about building a child’s confidence and familiarity with the new setting.

Parental Involvement

Parental participation is encouraged especially for the first visit. Parents are encouraged to talk positively about the dentist and avoid scary stories. As long as the child is comfortable with the parent’s presence as they see the dentist, they are always welcome. Some kids, however – especially older ones, may prefer to see the dentist on their own. This is fine, our dentist knows how to deal with kids and will take good care of them.