Root Canal Treatment

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The dental pulp is an oral tissue inside the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves and is essential to teeth when the roots are forming. A toothache can mean damaged dental pulp, which can cause bacterial growth. Root canal treatment is essential to avoid extreme pain and long-term tooth damage.

With the help of our exceptional dental practitioners at Sunwest Dental in Surrey, British Columbia, individuals won’t have to suffer from infected tooth nerves any longer.

Dependable Root Canal Procedure in Surrey, British Columbia

Root canal therapy is a technically complex process, but has a tremendous success rate when performed correctly.

During the root canal procedure, our dentists at Sunwest Dental remove the inflamed or infected pulp. Dr. Gill or Dr. Rea cleans out the inner part of the tooth where the infection lies. This stops the possible spread of the painful infection to other teeth.

Overall, root canal treatment is a procedure used to avoid further infection, alleviate a toothache, and promote healing. It can also prevent infection from an abscessed tooth.

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