Orthodontic Braces

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For patients with crowded and crooked teeth or those who need to improve their bite, Sunwest Dental offers modern lightweight braces.

Traditional braces are the most common orthodontic treatment solution available. They consist of coupled metal brackets and rubber bands that help correct the bite. Thanks to advancements in technology, modern braces have an improved design that makes them a comfortable solution for children, teens, and adults.

How Long Should A Person Wear Braces?

The average time for a child to wear braces is two to three years. It can take longer to straighten adult teeth — on average, it can take up to three or four years to get adult teeth into the perfect place.

Many dentists recommend regular checkups and dental examinations (at least twice a year) while a patient wears traditional braces. After the braces are removed, patients wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from going back to the previous position.

The Benefits of Wearing Traditional Braces

Patients experience various benefits from wearing conventional braces. They are:

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Efficient

To learn more about the benefits of traditional braces, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at Sunwest Dental. Call us today or visit our office in Surrey, British Columbia.